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Re: New to list, substrate question

Jay Reeves said, in part:

> OTH, if you don't own the 660 yet, consider browsing
> through
> past months to look at other ballasts / drivers.  Some
> discussion has been had over the past year.  You might
> try
> searching the site for Fullham Workhorse drivers.  These
> would be a lower cost option.  I'm not sure if they will
> drive lamps as hard as the IceCap, but that might be OK.

The Icecap won't be overdriving the 24" VHO lamps.  Fulham
ballasts can be matched to a PC bulb combo to drive 4
55watt at full power.  With AHS reflectors, this will give
you slightly more light than using the Icecap to drive 4
24" VHOs.

Scott H.

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