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Re: Re: House circuits without Ground wires - GFCIs

You guys sure about this?  My electrition didn't think
so, but he may have misunderstood the situation.

> > but this it typical of this house.  It has an
> > fuse box.  And it is all 2 wire.  All my things
are 3
> > prong.  I buy a lot of adapters.  I can't even
> > a GFI because there is no groundwire so there
> > be a point.
> This is why GFI receptacles have 2 screw connections
> labelled line and load,
> just for this case.  You simply take apart the
> connections in the box and
> connect one set of black and white wires to the line
> side, and the other set
> of black and white to the load side.  No need for a
> ground connection in
> this case.  Just make sure the white wires go on the
> silver screws and the
> black wires go on the brass screws.
> GFI's measure the difference in current between the
> wire and neutral,
> not hot to ground.
> Terry

Terry hit it on the head.  If you do not have a ground
wire, you need a GFCI even more than the person that
In many places, the applicable electrical code
that two-wire circuits be GFCI protected to compensate
the fact that a local ground wire is not in place.

Scott H.

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