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Re: UndergraverHeater -- Getting to the bottom

George Booth corrected my commnets about *his* views on
substrate heating cables.:

> I *hope* I never said substrate heaters improved growth!
> My claim is that
> they provide long term stability.
> You could probably read into that something like "you
> will have improved
> growth after 18 months in a tank with substrate heating
> compared to the same
> setup after 18 months without substrate heating". But
> that only means that
> the growth with substrate heating was consistently good
> over the long run
> and we experienced growth problems after 18 months in a
> tank without
> substrate heating.

Thanks for setting the record straight.  I *hope* I had the
decency to to list your site in my comments, so I at  least
pointed towards the real deal.

Cables or not, the site is one for aquatic gardeners to


> Luckily, our house is airconditioned, so we can use
> cables all year long.

My house is air conditioned too, but to keep the room temp
low enough to get the cables to run (on my tank), I'd have
to get room temps down around 68 degrees or lower, and
that's too expensive in my situation, about $5-$10 per day
more than air conditioning costs me now.  That would
outweigh the electricity savings from using cables ;-)

Scott H.

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