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Re: Lights

>I recently upgraded my 55gal from 2x18W to 2x55W AH Supply lights. I was
>actually able to retrofit the standard hoods; everything but the ballast fit
>inside! It was almost too snug; the CF lights hardly fit length wise, the
>ends are definitely touching the sides of the hoods.

No problem with the ends touching. I have a pair of 20 gallon tanks with 
all-glass hoods, and the 55w PCFs just fit inside. I actually mounted the 
bulb socket in each hood to the end of the hood since it was a convenient 
place to put it.

>You can see that I've added a couple plants, but you can see the ones that
>have bloomed and the ones that I've had to trim as well. My only problem now
>is dealing with algae :( which I've read can be because of too much light or
>too little nutrients. I'm experimenting with that latter element, and I've

Much better :-) I was very impressed when I upgraded too a fair number of 
years ago. I still only have crummy folded-by-me aluminum flashing 
reflectors in those tanks too, so I could improve the light some more but 
haven't seen a need. The algae is probably part of your "adjustment 
period". I had some algae problems too in the month or two following the 
light upgrade, but eventually the algae started to fade away as the plants 
got accustomed to the higher light (and I got used to the need for lots 
more fertilizer).

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