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Re: Lights

> Ok, I'm getting ready to upgrade (?) my lights.  I currently have two
> shop lights over a 55 gallon tank.  I want to move to CF lights since my
> wife got me a nice Oak canopy for Christmas (she was tired of looking at
> the shop lights).  My question is the shop lights give a nominal 160
> with poor reflectors and such, just basic shop lights.  Will the AH Supply
> kits (2 x 55 watts) give me less, more, or about the same USABLE light?  I
> know it's less nominal wattage, but I'm more interested in usable
> watts.  Or should I just got with a 4 x 55 watt?
> Semper Fi

I recently upgraded my 55gal from 2x18W to 2x55W AH Supply lights. I was
actually able to retrofit the standard hoods; everything but the ballast fit
inside! It was almost too snug; the CF lights hardly fit length wise, the
ends are definitely touching the sides of the hoods.

When I say there is a night-and-day difference, I'm speaking literally.
Check out this picture, I snapped it when I completed the first retrofit:


Yes, the light is turned on in the right hood. That was in October; since
then my plants have really bloomed (also with the help of a DIY Co2 system):

You can see that I've added a couple plants, but you can see the ones that
have bloomed and the ones that I've had to trim as well. My only problem now
is dealing with algae :( which I've read can be because of too much light or
too little nutrients. I'm experimenting with that latter element, and I've
also switched from using Aquarium Pharm. Tap Water Treatment to using Kordon
Amquel (just today, we'll see if it helps)) So maybe you want to just start
with the 2x55 if you've ever had to deal with algae.

Hope some of this helps. Adam.