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Re: Cheapshot

From: "Adam N." <adam at xhaos_org>
Subject: Re: Cheap Shot

* you can save a few hundred thousand future blind reef keepers.

Wow, a few hundred thousand future blind reef keepers.  Does anyone else see
the humor in this? That's quite an image. A city the size of Providence RI
and it's outlying suburbs totally made up of blind reef keepers.  Dosing the
wrong stuff, knocking lights into the tank.  You could make a killing
selling them wet bricks and telling them it's Fiji live rock.


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Hey this line is hilarious! Making fun of blind people. That gives me a lot 
of great ideas ... we could start a new list where all we do is make fun of 
people who are in unfortunate circumstances...just think of all the 
possibilities... Come on, the people on this list can't possibly support this 
kind of humor can it?
Time to get on my soapbox.
I can already hear the responses, "lighten up, its just a joke." I can see 
the exaggeration in the scenario but as this list grows I am sure that there 
are people who are facing blindness that may get offended and or hurt. Is a 
joke worth making a person who is in a tough situation feel worse? Please 
remember that a lot of people subscribe to this list to take their minds of 
their problems and relax. 
Take it or leave it, its just my opinion.