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Sound like a reasonable C0o2O setup?

I already have a tank and a regulator. Looking at aquabotanic.com on line I found the following items. Iplan to get hose, barbs, etc that I may need from Home Depot. Does the rest of this look sound? Any opinions, comments, etc. 

I"ve done the no-CO2 thing for so long, I'm going to "take the plunge" just for a change. 

I'll post before & after pics soon. 

Here's the component list: 
AquaBotanic solenoid: $61.80
High-quality Bubble Counter $24.25
Econo Aqualine 500 internal reactor $29.00
Precision Needle Valve $18.00 --the brand isn't listed on their site...Is this an all-brass valve? 
I'm going to call tomorrow and get additional details. 

Thanks for any opinions,