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Re: Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate from Carib Sea

Klockers, Walter B. said:

> >Well looks like there's a new product out that looks
> almost like flourite. I saw some from a saltwater store
> that had some in. They >were hoping it was cleaner than
> the flourite but they did not find this to be the ccase.
> Looks the same almost, cost the same etc. >Comes in a
> similar bag. Maybe it IS the same:)
> >Regards,
> >Tom Barr
> Tom, I take it that you were referring to "Eco-Complete
> Planted Aquarium Substrate" from Carib Sea? I've been
> looking for a dark flourite. Is it black by any chance?
> Also, you mention that it "looks almost like flourite."
> What was the difference? Thanks. 
Carib Sea has been selling a gravel product unders several
different names, including laterite, as I recfall, for
number of years.  I wonder if this is the same stuff, with
a new name.  When I spoke to them they did not claim the
stuyff was pure laterite but very good for plants, making
the just the sorts of claims that SeaChem makes for
Flourite.  What I saw looked similar to red Flourite.  It
was cheaper for the product but more expensive to drop
ship.  So I never tried it.

Scott H.

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