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Re: Porches and sheetrock

Bill Wichers, while offering some good advice on a porch
installation said, in part:

> Sheetrock is essentially concrete on a mesh layer with
> the whole assembly 
> being formed into a thin sheet. You can think of it as a
> super-duper grade 
> of drywall :-) 

I know the portland cement material you are thinking of
that comes in sheets.  It was sometimes used as a backing
material back in my days as a tile setter.  It was cheaper
to pay a carpenter to tack up the sheets than to pay a tile
setter to put of layer of fresh cement.  there were lots of
problems with thickness variations a the joints, but he the
more recent stuff is probably better.  An excellent choice
for wet locations and much better than "green-board".

The term "sheetrock" is often used for gypsum drywall, as
well as 'green board, and cement sheets.  At that has been
the case in the building trades in several states where I
have lived.  So sheetrock might not be concrete, it might
be 'chalk.'

Scott H.

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