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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #469

> but this it typical of this house.  It has an actual
> fuse box.  And it is all 2 wire.  All my things are 3
> prong.  I buy a lot of adapters.  I can't even instal
> a GFI because there is no groundwire so there wouldn't
> be a point.

This is why GFI receptacles have 2 screw connections labelled line and load,
just for this case.  You simply take apart the connections in the box and
connect one set of black and white wires to the line side, and the other set
of black and white to the load side.  No need for a ground connection in
this case.  Just make sure the white wires go on the silver screws and the
black wires go on the brass screws.

GFI's measure the difference in current between the hot wire and neutral,
not hot to ground.