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" I bought a pair of coral blue dwarfs and they basically destroyed 
each-other and all other inhabitants of the tank (35G), until one of the 
fish was the only one left in the tank. I thought it was strange because in 
my previous experiences, dwarfs were quite peaceful."

I've seen this with MANY types of fish.  I've had a lot of cichlids and 
thought they were supposed to be bad, but they weren't the worst by quite a 
margin.  Gouramis large or small seem to pick on things if they are able.  
I'm not sure if that is normal but i've seen a few renegades.  The worst 
i've had was figure eight puffers & monos.  The puffers were maybe 3" long 
but i'd feed them feeder goldfish and they would rip them apart.  One mono 
completely destroyed the other one or two i forget but in the end there was 
only one of them.

I had a purple loach that would chase around my blood parrots until they 
were on their side heaving at the surface.  They had to sleep face down in 
the plants to get away!  i thought they were all dead!  Maybe it's just 
nature, but there always seems to be a bully in a tank.  It  works out best 
when it is a large catfish or something that doesn't destroy everything 
else.  I guess you've just got to get used to flushing things.

Does anyone keep any gobies in planted tanks?  What kinds?  I used to have 
knight gobies, I assume they can be assimilated to salt free water?

thx josh.

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