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Extending UPS life

>Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 07:43:37 -0500
>From: "Kevin Madsen" <Kevin_Madsen at hotmail_com>
>Subject: Extending UPS life
>>Either way the verdict is clear: try minimize the load
>>you put on the UPS to what you consider critical
>>components only.
>>A friendly reminder: Since most UPS use Lead-Acid
>>batteries (ie a car battery), logic tells me you
>>should keep it fully charged at all times & shouldn't
>>do too many of these "full drain tests".  Or you may
>>significantly shorten it's life & capacity, just like
>>if you leave the car lights on far too many times. :P
>Also if you are interested in extending the "run time" of
>one of the small ups's you can easily replace (not in the cabinet)
>the current battery with a marine deep cycle battery. This will
>not change the capacity ie 350va of the ups, but will dramatically 
>extend the run time. As usual this is not advice, do not try this at home,
>your results may vary.....

It's very unlikely this will actually work. UPS's are tuned for the
specific battery they are supposed to use, you can't just
"stick in a different one".

/. had an article about a DIY UPS:


If it were me I'd use a Blue top 1000CCA Optima
marine battery. They're meant to handle deep
discharge and all reports so far seem to suggest
that last longer than conventional batteries,
plus they're get cel and unspillable, therefore
much more suited to indoor use.


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