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RE: CO2 Setup advice -- How to get Gas

>HF also, usually, sells tank twice that size that holds 10
>pounds of CO2, net weight, and has a tare weight of about
>20 pounds.  HF charges $139 for that that larger tank.  The
>HF tanks are usuually Coyne brand, seamless steel tanks,
>tested at over 3000 psi and stamped per DOT regulations.

>RE the M3 tanks, I believe they are aluminum -- lower tare
>for a given net weight.  Are the weights that M3 states for
>te three tanks it sells, (5 pound and 10 pounds) tare or
>net?  Are they tested and stamped per DOT (I presume so).

The tank I bought from M3 is aluminum.  Weight empty is 14.5 lbs.
Weight newly filled is 24.5 lbs (today!).  It is stamped:

DOT-3AL1800 B038816 CATALINA CLIFF DIV. 11 6 99 10# CO2 TC-3ALM124

>BTW, Is M3 taking orders again after being acquired (or
>whatever) by another party?