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Re: Bettas --> Leading to Gouramis

Well that makes sense. Should have figured that myself. Duh Adam.

Actually whilst on the topics of Gourami's - Anyone have any experience
with the coral blue variety of dwarf gourami (Colisa lalia the normal
dwarf, not sure whether the coral blue is a different species or just a
var...) being particularly aggressive compared to the 'normal' dwarf? I
have had pairs of dwarf gourami and they have been fine. I bought a pair
of coral blue dwarfs and they basically destroyed each-other and all
other inhabitants of the tank (35G), until one of the fish was the only
one left in the tank. I thought it was strange because in my previous
experiences, dwarfs were quite peaceful. (They weren't in breeding
conditions either). Other inhabitants were neon tetras, glowlight
tetras, bumble bee gobies (Brachygobius xanthozona) and 2x 2" clown

Adam Shaw

Michael Laflamme:
>Not a wimpy betta...
>Gourami's and betta's are both Anabatoid (sp?) fish.  Fish from this 
>classification do not get along with one another.  It just so happens
>gourami is the tougher Anabatoid of the two, so your betta didn't
>have a chance.  I'm betting the other fish got in on the act once the
>was down and out from the pounding it received from the gourami.
>Paradise fish are also Anabatoid fish, therefore they also won't get
>with Gourami's and betta's.  However, a betta will probably be the
winner >in a match up with a Paradise fish. ;^)