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Re: 90% water chages and other odd moves

>The front porch is larger than the fishroom, and is
>screened in.  I put a layer of .8mil plastic over both
>sides of the screened windows.  Then I realized that I
>dropped a decimal point and added an additional layer
>of 4mil plastic to both sides.

Trusty old greenhouse winterizing trick: use a *small* blower to 
*pressurize* the area between your two sheets of plastic. The idea is to 
create a stagnant air layer 1-2" or so thick between the sheets to aid in 
thermal insulation. It's a great way to cheaply insulate a space that would 
not normally retain heat well.

BTW, they make heat exchanger exhaust systems for fish rooms that circulate 
air from outdoors to help with the humidity. The heat exchanger part helps 
to minimize the loss of heat or air conditioning to the outside. Might be 
worth looking into.

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