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Re: More about UV

Can't argue that UV is not good for the eyes or skin, but nobody has
considered the wavelength of the UV in question.  The shorter wavelengths
are the most damaging.  Much of this (from the sun) is absorbed by the ozone
layer of the earth.  But we do get a sunburn from time to time.

A sterilizing lamp usually has a short wavelenth (254 nm) and black lights
are longer wavelength lights (345 - 400 nm).  So the black light in question
while not good isn't the worst.

Finally, ordinary glass absorbs a huge amount of uv up to 80%.  So what you
would "see" from the aquarium would be reduced.  But little would also get
to the plants through your glass canopy.  Special glass is needed to
transmit uv.

but............I thought that plants absorbes red and blue light for
photosynthesis anyway........so what would be the point?


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