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Not a wimpy betta...

Gourami's and betta's are both Anabatoid (sp?) fish.  Fish from this 
classification do not get along with one another.  It just so happens the 
gourami is the tougher Anabatoid of the two, so your betta didn't really 
have a chance.  I'm betting the other fish got in on the act once the betta 
was down and out from the pounding it received from the gourami.

Paradise fish are also Anabatoid fish, therefore they also won't get along 
with Gourami's and betta's.  However, a betta will probably be the winner in 
a match up with a Paradise fish. ;^)

Just my 2 cents...


Michael Laflamme
spicolte at hotmail_com

>Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 16:17:51 +1100
>From: "Adam Shaw" <adams1 at comcen_com.au>
>Subject: Re: Betta Splendens
>I agree - they do great in a planted tank. I had a 3' (35g) community
>tank with a Betta in it. Except... my trouble was not other mangled
>fish. The gourami's made short work of my Betta - even the neons, and
>glowlight neons got in on the act. Perhaps mine was a wimpy Betta :)
>Adam Shaw

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