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Re: more on marine plant tanks

>I'm going to treat them pretty much like a 
>FW plant tank as far as set up, KH will be 
>higher/pH etc, substrate will be different 
>(but I will add iron rich substrate mixed 
>with aragonite), but I'm interested in 
>adding PO4/NO3. 

Hi Tom & all,
Marine algae (except caulerpa) really don't need a substrate, as they
have no roots.  They just have a thallus that they use to attach to
rocks or other algae.  I used to super glue my bits and pieces to a
small stone.  When you collect, try and get the thallus; then you can
just rubber band them to a rock and they will attach.  

I used to be on a list called wet-thumb on smart groups.  There's a lady
there named Monica Land°y who lives in Norway.  She has been growing
cold water marine algae with a lot of success.  I know she doses for
NO3.  You should write to her; she's really nice and can help you avoid
any mistakes.