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Re: Marine Algae Tank

I'm actually embarking on the same little experiment, a pair of 30 W 
(reptile) lamps over a ten gallon tank, assorted mollusks and crabs, and as 
much macro-algae as the little tank can hold. It's the first of a few steps 
up to a full marine tank. Don't be surprised if you acquire a little more 
than you bargained for if you purchase "live rock," just inspect carefully 
for harmful little monsters that lurk within live rock. A dear friend of mine 
purchased a lot from a store, and arrived home to find a snowflake eel in the 
box. However, some of those hitchhikers can add serious cash to your store 
credit, and even better systems to your tanks (another friend just got five 
maxima clams on his live rock...) As far as some -really- amazing fish, I'd 
recommend pipefish. They'll nestle among the leaves of caulerpa and amaze you 
with their ability to look stone dead. 
I'd also consider using one tank as a "flora/fauna sump" (titled "Plant 
tank") and another tank for anything "interesting" that might pop up on the 
LR.  Best of both worlds, doubles your available Live Rock mass in the event 
that you want to stock a "pod eater" (mandarin goby..etc) You might consider 
a few coquinas in a setup like that, they help absorb toxins and nitrates 
just like plants. Basically, clams like that are the liver of a good marine