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regulator update

Thanks to everybody who responded to my
semi-emergency.  It turns out the tank really was
empty.  The guage just didn't show it.  I'll look into
replacing only the guage or just ditching it for a
regulator I can trust.  The bubble rate is steady now
and doesn't speed up.  The odd thing is that when I
checked the ph before the lights came on this morning
it was 6.62.  I was expecting it to be about 6.8 or so
when the went out but it was 6.65 (KH 6).  ???  I
guess it may take a day or so for things to even out,
but that is a bit puzzling, especially since the Eheim
has been burping as if the semi-dump was still going
on.  I disconnected the co2 for a short time and will
hook it up at a slighly lower bubble rate and see how
that goes.  

Thanks, Cavan

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