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re: Myriophyllum Plant Dis-coloration

Ghazanfar wrote:

>>Lighting is about 144
>>watts (4 X 36 Watts CFLs).  Tank capacity is abou 200
>>Pottassium Sulphate (1/4 tsp) every day
> I think you may be over dosing K quite a bit. Although
> I've read in several places that too much K does not
> have detrimental effects, I did have a conversation with
> Shawn Prescott about it. He mentioned that some plants
> in several of his tanks weren't doing well and he
> narrowed it down to excessive K. 
> Even if excess K isn't the problem - you're still adding
> too much I think.

1/4 tsp of K2SO4 every day in a 200L tank is only adding
23.59ppm of K per week.   That's definitely not an extreme
amount.   Combined with the K from the KNO3, if the KNO3
is added 4 times a week, it would total 34ppm.   Probably
a little much, but I doubt it is enough to trigger a problem.

Myriophyllum is typically an easy plant to grow, and has never
been bothered by occasional overdoses of nutrients in my tank.