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Re: seagrasses

>We tried transplanting it to rocks at 
>UCSB. Never worked. 

Me too!  Never worked for me, either---LOL.

>That's a cool water species and too long 
>IMO for an aquarium unless it's a big 

Yeah, that's why I went over to a tropical marine.  I couldn't keep the
tank cool enough in the summer, even out here by the beach in San

>the CA species likes to be attached to surf 

Yes, I noticed that.  There's a great big patch of it growing down by
the cliff at Pacifica state beach.  When I saw the pounding it takes
from the surf, I realized I could never duplicate that in a 20 gal.
tank---ha ha ha.

>Water changes really improves growth. 

Yes, that's what I do.  About  each week.  I moved the DSB and live
rocks to a 6 gal eclipse, retrofitted with a 2X13 W light kit from AHS.
Since there's no skimmer, I use a small bag of chemi-pure in the sump.
There's not much in there right now besides the plants and LR, because
I'm always short of that "other" green stuff <G>.