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Cladophora "Tribbles" :-)

I first brought this plant in weeks ago to see if it lived up to its press.  
From what I gather so far, there are several species being referred to as
Cladophora.  The ones that grow easily on flat surfaces may include some
species that are conservative growers and may be useful in aquascaping.
The one that has gained the most distiction is the round-ball variety.  It
is claimed by some to have all the advantages and none of the disadvantages
of typical ground covers.  What I've found:

1.	It's a cute "Tribble-Looking" solid hollow ball of velvet fuzz that is a
true aquascape scene-stealer.  They are a little bigger than a ping-pong
ball and are very easy to grow.  

2.	Propogation is easy, just cut the ball in half or thirds and the pieces
reform separate balls.   
3.	It sinks, unlike riccia.
4.	Contrary to what I first assumed, it does tolerate lower light conditions.
5.	It grows slowly.

 36 Cladophora "Tribbles" arrive today.  Get them while you can. 

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