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re: Myriophyllum Plant Dis-coloration.

>I had posted a querry on Nov. 22, 2002, regarding my
>Myriophyllum Plant Dis-coloration.
>But regretfully, I have not received a single help.  I
>have been scanning every day, but no luck !!

You're posting it on the wrong list. No one here talks
about aquatic plants. Its mostly about ethics, lawsuits
and ballasts, with occasional discussions on email viruses. :)

Ok, kidding aside - I'll give it a shot. I may be SO off, that
someone who actually knows what they're talking about may be
compelled to correct me.

>Lighting is about 144
>watts (4 X 36 Watts CFLs).  Tank capacity is abou 200
>Pottassium Sulphate (1/4 tsp) every day

I think you may be over dosing K quite a bit. Although
I've read in several places that too much K does not
have detrimental effects, I did have a conversation with
Shawn Prescott about it. He mentioned that some plants
in several of his tanks weren't doing well and he
narrowed it down to excessive K. 
Even if excess K isn't the problem - you're still adding
too much I think.