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can someone help me decipher this?

Stuff i gleaned from the local water website 
http://www.dmww.com/empact_p2.asp just in case i messed it up somehow.  This 
is my water, but I don't understand which ones are all the abbreviations 
that you guys refer to them as(except for the obvious ones).  Is there a 
chart somewhere that tells me what optimum levels to shoot for?

ph target level                 8.7
nitrate                         5-10
iron                            <.1
magnesium hardness as  CaCO3    100
calcium hardness as CaCO3       300
ortho phosphate                 0
potassium                       3
total organic carbon            3-4
copper                          <.1
manganese                        .1
total alkalinity as CaCO3       250-270
total hardness as CaCO3         330-380
sodium                          11-14

Also, I just got some 5k 4' t8 bulbs.  will the color be a lot better if i 
get some 6500 bulbs to go with them?  Will it be noticable if i just add in 
one t12 6500k bulb?

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