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Plants in Tampa Bay

I ended my Air Force tour in Tampa in the mid '50s. At that time, I could go 
out, after work at McDill AFB, to the point and rent a boat and bucket of 
shrimp. "Speckled Trout" ( a weakfish, I think) were abundant just off the 
base. There was a heavy growth of some kind of grassy plant that was good 
cover for the "trout" and I suspect the salt level was low enough that other 
non-algal plants could live there, too.

Any comment from Tom as to what grows now in Tampa Bay and local environs? 
Even in those days, Water Hyacinth tended to dominate any semi-still, fresh 
water near the bay. I raise a few brackish fish species and always want to 
find salt-tolerant plants for them. Suggestions?

I'll be surprised if that Val-like grass was really an algal species.


PS. I'll save my SF Bay questions for when Tom comes through with a good 
answer to this one. <VBG>
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