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Marine planted aquascapes

Adding Caulerpa(there are many species and textures to choose from) and
Halimeda to live rock as a background would make a nice easy to care for
A Caulerpa like C verticillata is very fine and suited for smaller tanks.
The size, color and shape of blades is enormous.

Really nice plants for a mid ground: are Udotea and Penicillus ,

Rocks covered with Neomeris, Acetabuleria (These would look super as a
foreground) for the foreground.
Microdictyon looks like a nice green moss/Riccia.
Many species can be trimmed well.

Now consider all the crabs, sea hares, fish, hydroids etc.

BTW culturing your own phytoplankton is not bad, it's growing algae.
An inverted 2 liter plastic bottle near a winder and an airstone will do the

I'd like to see how well the marine algae tank would respond to various
dosings of nutrients.

Heck, now I have added even more tanks to an already endless number that "I
must have."

Tom Barr