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Red lined SAE

FW from James Hill:

"Hi Tom,

Here is more info about this beautiful fish. You may already know all of
this anyway.



 The tank does of course contain fish - a community of tetras, rainbows,
platies, otocynclus, flying foxes, guppies, gouramis and corys. But the most
interesting fish was one that I had not seen before, "Denison's flying fox"
or the "red line torpedo fish" (Puntius denisonii, or Crossocheilus
denisonii). This fish is much like the common Siamese algae eater
(Crossocheilus siamensis) and has the same algae eating propensities, but as
my photographs show it is far more colourful, with beautiful red and yellow
stripes on its body and fins. Later I took the trouble to seek out the
wholesaler, in Madras, and was told that it is only available seasonally,
being caught in the wild from hill streams in South India. Like the flying
fox, it has not yet been bred in captivity and I do not know how many are
left in the wild, although I was told it is not on the endangered list.
Particularly if it could be bred in captivity, it would be a wonderful
alternative to flying foxes in our aquariums. It has occasionally been
imported and sold in North America, at a price of US$30 - 40."

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