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Under gravel heater

I have two home made 12 VDC systems that were is use for nearly 4 years.  
(Based on the Aquarium Fish Magazine of April 94 I think).  They gave 
good service but when I set up a 180 gallon I wanted something a little 
more substantial.  

I had reservations about line voltage cables, but tried the 110 VAC
AZOO 300 watt cables anyway. They have been in service around 
two years with no problems.  Of course I have GFCI protection and 
a ground line in my aquarium.  We use submersible heaters and 
power heads all the time and they are no more protected than these 
cables.  The cables are a little higher wattage than I wanted.  At first, 
I had a system that ran them from an X-10 light dimmer controller 
which limited them to about 1/3 their rated 300 watts.  Then I went 
to an electronic temp controller. Either way the cables worked fine 
and I would recommend them as an inexpensive, effective, and
safe way to try under gravel heating.

BTW.  With VHO lights and normal fish room temperature, the 
UGH system is not on very much.

Lyndle Schenck