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RE: Stored Nutrients

Ghazanfar Wrote:

	>About two months ago I got some ludwigia peruensis
	>from Steve Maier. It was stunning - a nice deep purple!
	>It grew fine for about a week or so and then new leaves
	>started getting this slight crinkle to them and growth
	>got REALLY compact. It's hanging in there, but not doing
	>well at all. Then about two weeks ago I got some more
	>from someone else - and again - got a dozen new leaves
	>and then the same thing is starting to happen.

	>I'm starting to think theres something Im missing
	>nutrient wise. I think the plant has a little bit
	>of 'stored' mystery nutrient and when that runs out
	>it starts giving me this weird growth.

I really think to achieve deep purple and good growth rate with this plant
you need to have UV. I know I'll probably get beat up for saying that but
this is one plant that really likes UV a lot.