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Re: screw in cf bulbs

BErney1014 at aol_com asked:

> Has anyone found self ballasted screw in cf bulbs useful in small plant
> tanks? If so, what bulb works?

I have used a screw in CF bulb (actually two of them) which I purchased
from Home Depot over my ten gallon tank. These bulbs are Phillips
Daylight 50, 15 watts and 6700 K. Since they are wider than the standard
incandescent bulbs, I have had to modify the canopy a bit in order to
fit in the wider base.

They are great because they are reasonably priced, seem to last quite
some time, and have good colour for plants. With two of these over a ten
gallon tank, they are a bit overpowering, but I certainly do not have
any troubles with the plants in that tank not growing. In fact, I do
have to trim very often!

I also found a bulb in a lighting supply store which was 25 watts and I
think a higher K, but I figure the poor fish would go blind with any
more light! :) Check out Home Depot and see what you can find.

Take care.

Ed Dumas