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Big regulator problem - urgent

I came home tonight and flipped my Pinpoint ph monitor
on and got a very unpleasant surprise.  _6.15_  I have
been adjusting the ph over the past couple days, and
the ph is typically 6.6ish in the morning and close to
6.8 when the lights go out (KH about 5 or 6).  At noon
today the bubble rate was a little under a bubble a
second (into Eheim 2222).  I unhooked the co2 line and
put into some water and found that it was _pouring_
out so quickly I couldn't count the bubbles, which is
odd since the guages on the regulator have not changed
much (if at all).  This is a kegworks.com regulator
and and M3 (Clippard?) needle valve.  If 0 gas is
below the red zone, then it's at 800.  I talked before
about how I couldn't turn the co2 off.  I figured I'd
just wait until close till it ran out again and trade
the possibly bad bottle back in.  I don't think this
has ever happened before.  Some bubble speed up, but
not like that.  What's going on?  

I have an airstone hooked up now and that has raised
the ph to about 6.22 since about and hour ago.  There
was about 120ppm co2 in there.  Tomorrow morning I'll
be able to see how much has died.  

Is the regulator bad?  I would expect a mild dump if
the guage showed 300 or 400 but not this.  I turned
the bottle off and unlike the last time I did, the
left guage did fall right away (but went back up to
800 when I turned it back on).  The right guage did
not change at all when I did that.  It was at 16 the
whole time.  

Thanks, Cavan

PS  I checked the monitor against my Lamotte narrow
range kit and it checked out.  Ouch.  

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