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I know that I've already had my "say" on the issue of "cheaters". You are
all free to agree or disagree with my point of view. It isn't nice to get
stiffed by a fellow hobbyist and I'm sure it can burn to know that someone
is ignoring you.

But while this isn't a court of law, I think that fairness demands people
step up to the plate squarely and either put up or shut up when they have a
beef. Recently, Greg Watson told of how a "Cultural Icon" from the APD
stiffed him for $125.00. That seems like a bit more than the cost of mailing
a few plants and I can understand Greg's frustration, IF the accusation is
true. Making such a claim and then hiding behind a screen of
"inappropriateness" regarding the specifics of the individual involved seems
odd and quite chilling.

I don't know how things work in Iowa, but where I come from, a person is
innocent until proven guilty and every accused person has the right to face
their accuser. It isn't fair to call into question the personal integrity of
a group of people over the perceived misdeed of a single individual.

In relating his story without "naming names", Greg has cast aspersions on
the honesty of every "cultural icon" on the list. And THAT isn't fair
either. I'm sure we all have our own short list of heroes (and heroines) on
the APD and no doubt there will be differences but I'm pretty sure that a
lot of the same names would crop up, again and again because of their
helpfulness and longevity on the APD and involvement in the hobby.

So Greg, whether he wanted to or not, just slammed them ALL. He also denied
the "guilty party" the opportunity to defend him/herself in public, should
they desire to do so. In a lot of minds, EVERYONE is now going to be
suspect. That sounds a lot like vigilante justice to me, and from my point
of view, it sucks. Sucks bigger than getting stiffed for the cost of a few
postage stamps.

For shame.........I hope that it was worth the $125.00.....

James Purchase