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Re: screw in cf bulbs

I have been using screw in cf bulbs for two years now. First in a two gallon 
hex with frogbit and java moss, then a five gallon adding rotala 
rotundifolia, christmas moss and a couple kinds of crypts and now a ten 

Any of the avalible bulbs work just fine and will grow plants, but you won't 
like the color of the standard soft or warm whites. Philips sells an 
expensive daylight type and recently I found another one at Home Depot that 
is supposed to be 6500K by Commerical [I think this is the name].  The color 
of either of those bulbs is nice, my rotala has pink growth, java fern grows 
fast, fish look nice. Now I am supplementing with Seachem Excel, potassium, 
nitrate and micros there is almost no algae in the tank.

Another problem is the bulbs are quite a bit wider than incandescent bulbs, 
make sure they fit with some room for circulation.

Kathy in southern California

Has anyone found self ballasted screw in cf bulbs useful in
small plant
tanks? If so, what bulb works?
much appreciated

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