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Re: Lights?

> Ok, I'm getting ready to upgrade (?) my lights.  I currently have two 
>shop lights over a 55 gallon tank.  I want to move to CF lights since my 
>wife got me a nice Oak canopy for Christmas (she was tired of looking at 
>the shop lights).  My question is the shop lights give a nominal 160 watts, 
>with poor reflectors and such, just basic shop lights.  Will the AH Supply 
>kits (2 x 55 watts) give me less, more, or about the same USABLE light?  I 
>know it's less nominal wattage, but I'm more interested in usable 
>watts.  Or should I just got with a 4 x 55 watt? 
>Semper Fi

I'm going to *guess* that you will probably see about the same to maybe a 
bit more light in the tank, but that that light may be a bit more focused 
and not spread over the tank as evenly. My expierience with the AH supply 
reflectors is that they are quite good, and the compact flourscents are 
pretty bright even before you add the reflectors. I mention the "focusing" 
of the light since typical shoplights aren't all that directional since the 
"reflectors" aren't usually all that great, but the AH supply reflectors are 
good enough to produce a significantly higher amount of light going straight 
down from the reflector than coming off the sides. Probably no big deal but 
I thought I'd mention it. You'll want to play with the positions of the new 
lights until you have them lighting the tank the way you want, then mount 
them in those locations inside your new hood. 

To say much more you'd need to go into detail about the type of bulbs you're 
currently using and maybe the kind of shop light (some are better than 
others). I'd try two 55 watters first since you can always add another pair 
if you want more light. 


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