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Re: Silicone - GE -- or - What Mildew Will Do & Won't Do to You to Your View

Ken Simolo added to this thread:

> Back when GE's help line would answer the question, they
> said the 
> following products were safe for aquarium use:
> Aquarium Safe Caulk (Silicone):   GE# 012A, GE Window &
> Door Clear
>                                        GE# 361, Clear
> Household Glue & Seal

In general, the problem with some silicone caulks is that a
fungicide/anti-mildew chemical has been added to keep the
silicone from turning awful colors of black and brown
around your shower pan, window frame, etc.  It doesn't
always work, but there you go.

In small amounts (minor patches) this might not be a big
problem in some (big) tanks.  But why chance it?  You can
buy caulking-gun-sized tubes of the good stuff on-line, for
example, at thatpetplace.com (Aquarium Sealant 10.3oz
(Perfecto)) for about $6.50. or from bigalsonline.com (ALL
GLASS SILICONE SEALANT 10 OZ. ) for about $3.50.

More expensive than GE silicone from Home Depot?  Well, not
if you include the price of tire after picking up a nail or
screw in the parking lot ;-)

Werever you buy you silicone, make sure it's reasonably
fresh.  It's only good for about a year or so in the tube,
then it slowly starts to turn to jelly.

Scott H.

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