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Subject: silicons 
From: Linkindoc at aol_com 
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 20:01:54 EST 

My husband picked up a tube of GE 100% silicon for windows and doors. He is 
finishing up a homemade tank and wants to use silicon to attach fiberglass 
rockwork to the back of the tank. GE's 800 number is useless till Monday and

although we emailed their silicon division we are not expecting a response 
till Tues. All my aquarium plants are currently in an outside pool while he 
fixes my tank and a freeze is expected tomorrow night so he would like to 
finish ASAP.  Does anyone know if this silicon is safe? The tank is 90 
gallons so a lot will be used and I want to make sure he picks the right
 Thank you


Denise, GE Silicon II specifically says not for use in / on  Aquarium and GE
Silicon I omits Aquarium as a not for under the fine print on the tube.
That said, I have surmised that GE Silicon II and I contain additives for
"curing / drying" their product and thus GE customer service wouldn't rate
either for use underwater in an aquarium.

Flora growing outside water thrives worse pollutants.

I hope all plants and fish survived the forecasted freeze and you will post
your solution.


Sharon Frey

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