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Green Water and Leggy plants

Hello everyone,

1. I have a little GW attack. I am doing many water changes to take out the
GW and reset my KNO3 and K2SO4 levels to where they need to be. The water
changes have helped a lot. I'm debating whether to swap out one of the two
55 watt bulbs with a 36 watt bulb to bring down my compact fluorescent
wattage from 110 to 91 over my 25 gallon tank. I remember Tom Barr eluding
to the fact that higher wattage of CF can contribute to GW. Reading previous
posts from Tom Barr, I am also going to change from a Red Sea NO3 test kit
to a Lamotte kit. I'm not sure that I totally trust the Red Sea NO3 test
kit. Also, I am switching from a tetra PH test kit to a SeaChem kit and will
be supplementing a SeaChem PO4 test kit to the mix. I am also looking for
good FE and K test kits. Any suggestions on highly recommended kits (PH,
PO4, K and FE) without going with Lamotte except for the NO3? I'm not sure
that I am where I need to be in terms of my nutrients.

2. Also, I have noticed that I am getting good growth from my plants, but
they seem to be putting out lots stem between leaf nodes. Does anyone have
any idea of the nutrient deficit that might be contributing to this?

Thanks in advance for everyone's advice.

David Martin
Bethesda, Maryland