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Marine plants

Well, I hope folks had a good Turkey day. I got fattened up on cracked
Conch, grouper, snapper, prawns, some Turkey and Key Lime Pie. I spent most
of T-day collecting marine plants in the Keys. We had brought a nice 200HP
boat down for going to and fro the reefs. Some snorkeling and wading around
around brought back about 45-50 species of marine plants(algae). These were
identified and herbarium pressed and dried.  Our guide was another
biologist, namely a critter person. I think I got at least 5 species of
Caulerpa and some _very_ pretty red algae and even got harassed by 2
Dolphins(they wanted fish, not seaweed) and saw a bald eagle fly by. 410ft+
nurse sharks bugged us on another reef, along with more fish than I could
identify but there where many French Angels, lots and lots of coral and the
other reef residents. A couple of species of Sea Grasses. I guess it's time
to get some good Scuba equipment:) But Dive Direct is a dive super store.
Great place. 

There are some very nice looking marine algae if someone would like to take
that next step into Marine Planted Aquariums. They do very well and are
quite pretty. Many species to choose from and of course there are many
herbivores to eat the species you do not like and these are quite nice fish,

Tom Barr