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Re: Ostrocods

Steve wrote about an infestation of what from his
description sound like Ostrocods, seed shrimps.

Ostrocods are very common pond inhabitants throughout
the world especially where ponds dry up in summer.

They can infest tanks because they reproduce quickly.
This ability allows many species to live in places
with short wet periods. They can be found in desert
pools! Their eggs are drought resistant and are easily
blown by wind to other suitable habitats. They can
easily be introduced into an aquarium.

They do not harm the other inhabitants, although fish
spawn might be targeted.

Ostrocods will eat any left-over food, algae (not the
larger kinds) and are interesting tank inhabitants.

But if you want to get rid of them...some fish will
eat them (if I remember correctly they include
swordtails.)Most will spit them back out since they
have rather hard shells...or you can use copper
sulphate (NOT if you have shrimps, snails,
livebearers, other sensitive fish, sensitive plants
(eg Myriophyllum and Vallisneria).

Malta (rather like a desert)

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