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Re: Re: Cheaters

>>It seems to me that the people who complained had legitimate beefs.
I don't     think they were playing or using the list as a personal
playground.  They were  informing the list of a serious breach of trust, one
that if repeated could put a    damper on relations between people here.<<

It is really much more simple than that. This is an unmoderated forum.
Cynthia provides some administrative tasks as a volunteer. Its not her list,
nor is it her resposibility to be a policeman. If it was, this conversation
wouldn't be tolerated here in the first place.

Many of us like having an unmoderated forum, but with that comes a price: a
hundred different opinions on what is appropiate to post here and what
isn't, and constant arguements about it.

For the sake of harmony here and respect of each other, people need to
decide for themselves if embarrassing fellow members of this forum is worth
it.  So someone reniged on a trade agreement.... is exposing that person or
persons worth the public humiliation? This particular discussion is not
about the rights of people to speak out against their experiences with
businesses on the WEB, we are talking about each other's behavior, it is
about how it will affect your friends, the people who's comments you enjoy
reading, the people you bump into all over the internet, and the people you
have to see at the next AGA conference face to face.

My opinion is to get over it and deal with it in private. But thats just my
opinion, there is nothing preventing anyone from posting whatever they want
on the subject. There are no legal issues involved here. Just your

Robert Paul Hudson