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Subject: Microscope:-(

> From: "Colin Gorton" <mr_apisto at graffiti_net>
> >It's a digital microscope that connects to a
> >Windows PC via USB, 220x, $79.
> >That's pretty affordable, IMHO, for what it is.
> <snip>
> I was very interested in this and, because I live in
> Europe, I did a search for a European supplier, I
> then found this page: 
> May not be such a great buy:-(.

Ouch!  Thanks, Colin, for pointing this out.  A
webcam with crappy lenses wasn't what I expected.
Scientific American really dropped the ball
recommending that one (and I should have looked
into it more).

You can get the price on it down to $28 though,
but it's probably not worth much more:

Digital microscopes are pretty cool, though.
There are some "real" ones for a few hundred 
dollars, and some very nice ones for $1K.  I
stumbled across a very nice one (I've not used
it) for field use for $3K:

I've been looking for a $50 digital camera,
except I don't want the camera:  I want to zoom
in to very small things, and don't care about
photos of people and landscapes (I can't get
focus on objects 1/4" from the lense of most
digital cameras).

Oh, well.  Sorry to waste the bandwidth.

charleyb123 at yahoo_com

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