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Re: SPAMMER -- Eggs & Spam; Toast Eggs & Spam; Spam Eggs & Spam . . .

> this is not SPAM!
> Just read this -> 
> an explanation from our listmom.
> If you don't want their service, just do what they tell
> you. Worked for me. :-)

Those that have seen it before, and remember the last time,
can recall that this apparent Spam message is actually a
working part of the APD.

But there isn't anything in the message that says that it
has anything to do with the APD, so it's no wonder some
folks think spamly of it.

If the messages could have some APD-related indication. 
That might help.  There's so much spam, it's hard to tell
wether there are Eggs and toast on the plate or just spam.


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