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Re: Cheaters

James said,

<< Those of you who might be tempted to form a lynch mob to bring suspected
 cheaters to "justice" ought to give the List Mom (Cynthia) the benefit of
 private input into the matter before you go pointing fingers at anyone in
 public here on the APD. >>
        But the Listmom has the email addresses of everybody who posts here 
and     if she wanted to contact anyone personally she could do it.  And from 
my very     limited contacts, she is quite capable of taking care of herself.

        However, this is an unmoderated list and if she gets involved in that 
kind of 
    thing she would expose herself to greater legal liability.  I would tend 
to doubt 
    that she wants to confer with posters before they post something.

        IKyle, a few postings back, made some good comments on how to post 
    about these problems while at the same time being fair and not exposing 

<< While I can agree that it isn't nice to do something for someone and then 
 get stiffed for it, the "law suit" and its ramifications ought to be clear
 to everyone - this ISN'T your personal playground and you can't treat it as
 your personal soapbox when you feel hard done by. [Redacted]>>

        It seems to me that the people who complained had legitimate beefs.  
I don't     think they were playing or using the list as a personal 
playground.  They were  informing the list of a serious breach of trust, one 
that if repeated could put a    damper on relations between people here.
 << I strongly suspect that the vast majority of people here are honest and 
 fairly with one another.
 If you start throwing mud, innocent people might get hurt, and we might ALL
 end up dirty (or, without any list at all).
 Should you feel strongly enough that you have been wronged, consult a


        IMHO, the only practical way to discourage this from happening is to    
publicize the name of the cheater, after exhausting all reasonable attempts 
    contact him.  


<< James Purchase >>