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Len G. Carpenter asked:

> Is anyone else getting spam that is linked back to this list?

I have been receiving the same e-mail from FreshAddess for some time
now, I would say several months. I have usually just dumped it, but it
did not go away. Then about one week ago, I seemed to be getting just
BOATLOADS of spam. I am hoping that it dies down soon, or I may be
forced to change addresses. I do have a filter that I think I can use
for these spams, though, but it requires creating a filter for each
incoming address (PITA).

About two days ago, I decided that being silent was not working, so I
went to the FreshAddress site and removed myself from the list. I will
see now if the amount of spam drops after this. Anyone know any other
good ways to get rid of spam, short of changing addresses?


Ed Dumas