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Re: Cheaters

Those of you who might be tempted to form a lynch mob to bring suspected
cheaters to "justice" ought to give the List Mom (Cynthia) the benefit of
private input into the matter before you go pointing fingers at anyone in
public here on the APD.

While I can agree that it isn't nice to do something for someone and then to
get stiffed for it, the "law suit" and its ramifications ought to be clear
to everyone - this ISN'T your personal playground and you can't treat it as
your personal soapbox when you feel hard done by. The list is Cynthia's and
she can be hauled into court by any idiot with an axe to grind. That isn't

I strongly suspect that the vast majority of people here are honest and deal
fairly with one another.

If you start throwing mud, innocent people might get hurt, and we might ALL
end up dirty (or, without any list at all).

Should you feel strongly enough that you have been wronged, consult a

James Purchase