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Just my 2 cents on how to deal with the alleged cheaters who don't 
come through on their half of a trade.  Why not email the list in
 the fashion that started this whole debate (i.e. give the details
 of the problem without saying the person's name).  Others who feel
 they have been cheated in the past could privately email the poster
 asking about who it was.  If it is found that this person has not
 come through on more than one deal it could be reason to post
 his name.

For one time problems I would be hesitant to post a name unless you
 are positive they won't come through.  For example, if you haven't
 received your money/plants and have been regularly sending emails
 inquiring about it for a month or more but have not been getting a
Then send a letter to the list with details but not names.  This
would give the offender a warning that if he cares about his
 reputation on the list that he should contact you (but without
 exposing who he is, yet).  If you still hear nothing then consider 
posting the name.  

If for whatever reason you decide to post that person's name be 
careful how you word the issue or you could risk legal problems. 
 Don't say they've stolen your money unless you have absolute
 proof.  Instead it might be better to say something along the lines
 of "I sent $5 to (name) to cover the cost of shipping plants over a
 month ago, my check was cashed but I have yet to receive my plants
 and have heard nothing from this person despite numerous emails, if
 anyone knows how to contact this person please let me know."  By
 saying this you are making statements that are verifiable facts but
 others on the list will get the point of what you are saying, thus
 letting you get your point across to the group with minimal legal

Just to cover my own butt, I am not a lawyer and I have no legal
 training.  This is just an opinion and the laws may be such that
 mentioning that persons name in any form could put you at risk. 
 Look at the circumstances surrounding a current legal case
 involving aquarium keepers before deciding to make such a post
 yourself.  What seems correct to you and what happens in the courts
 can be two different things.