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Re: Spam

> Is anyone else getting spam that is linked back to this list?
As a matter of fact, I received exactly the same message you received, so it very well may be list-linked.  Of more interest to me, the other day I received the Klez virus From ME To ME!  Apparently I am sending viruses to myself in the middle of the night when my computer is turned off.  A neat trick! It's been mentioned before, but if you get unsolicited email with a file attached that's about 40-70K in size, usually with a message saying that 'the sender wrote a game, and you are the first person to try it; they hope you will enjoy it.'  Don't download it.  Klez seems to be at plague proportions right now.  I get it in my email at least 2 or 3 times a day.  Klez can harvest your address from somewhere, then send itself out using your email address, even though your machine was turned off at the time.  You take the blame, and Klez goes on as usual.  It's all just part of owning a computer these days.