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Re: oxalic acid/graphite

Colin Gorton wrote:
>Finally, If I'm wrong on everything else I'd guess that Titanium might be 
>a neat electrode, but drilling it would be a pretty tough prospect, I 
>remember trying this once and ended up giving up after destroying three 
>drill bits and the drill (it was a cheap one:-)).

You can drill it with the so-called cobalt bits. It drills like a hard 
stainless steel (316 alloy is similar). I've only ever tried on a drill 
press though, I would suspect it would be quite difficult to work with if 
you only have a hand held drill.

>         I think I can guarantee that titanium will _not_ work.  The
>titanium II and III electrode potentials are much worse than those
>for iron.
>Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada

Probably what I get for not looking up the potentials :-) Titanium is 
pretty corrosion resistant on it's own in "normal" (structure/hardware/etc) 
applications so I didn't think to check on it.


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