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Subject: Speaker's Meaning -- for the philsophically insatiable.

(was "Re: To Be a Weed or Not to Be.")

"S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com> on Sun. Nov. 24 wrote:

"Words mean what people mean them to mean, even though the audience
might not understand the speaker's meaning...."

(and added)
"[For the philosophically insatiable, the best primers (imo) on speaker
meaning is 

H.P. Grice's paper, "Meaning" (1957) and his William James lectures
presented at Harvard in 1967. 

Then throw in W.V.O Quine's _Word and Object_ (1964) and 

Saul Kripke's "Naming and Necessity" (1982 from an earlier lecture). "


To that list I would add:

Owen Barfield's _Speaker's Meaning_ (1967 - from a 1965 lecture at


Owen Barfield's "The Nature of Meaning" in _SEVEN_, Vol. 2, 1981, pp
[may be seen at http://meaningsnature.cjb.net])

Insatiable Joe